Gift Cards Are the Ideal Present For Anyone

I used to get frustrated trying to find great gifts for my friends and family, and when I needed to buy holiday gifts for my boss or a co-worker, or housewarming gifts, well those were really difficult. Should I look for exotic world gifts, keepsakes, jewelry, home decor? I just had no idea of the perfect gift to buy each person. Gift cards, now that’s the ticket. They save me time, because I don’t have to shop and then buy the wrong thing, and they save me money, because the gift cards will be used. Moreover, the people receiving the gift cards will buy something they truly want or need. I’m not much of a shopper, even in an online gift shop, and I’m always stymied when it comes to gift ideas. Last minute gifts, now that’s when I really feel the pressure. I don’t know what’s in style now and I don’t know what each person has in mind. Times and styles change so quickly and it’s difficult to keep up. Kids gifts, birthday and holiday presents – what a mystery.

Gift cards solve the problem when I am confused and don’t know what to buy this time. Believe me, gifts for teenagers are the worst because you really have to know what’s popular, but they love to do their own shopping with gift cards and what kid today doesn’t love shopping in an online gift shop? They love to shop, they’re always online, and they can take their time browsing, what a perfect solution. A Shopper can purchase them in just about any denomination and the people receiving the cards can browse and enjoy the time they spend selecting exactly what they want. Call me impatient, but I just don’t want to spend my time trying to figure out what the best gifts will be this year, looking around in stores trying to figure it all out, but I do want to give nice presents to people I care about. With a gift card, I can give the best gifts possible in my price range, and people have the fun of buying exactly what they want–expensive or inexpensive gifts–even luxury items they wouldn’t have ordinarily bought for themselves.

At The Gift Goose, there are a multitude of shopping choices from exotic world gifts to collectibles to jewelry, and home goods. They can also select home decor, bird houses or fountains–the decision is theirs and the choices are nearly endless. Remember, gift cards save time but they also save gas and that’s saving money too. I love knowing that I don’t have to leave the house to shop for gift cards, and I can be assured I am giving a nice gift, something that will be appreciated, enjoyed and most of all used. It’s fun to give people exactly what they want, and the person receiving the gifts cards has fun too, because they can create a wish list and then fill it themselves in their own time. A Moroccan lantern, bath salts and scented soaps, dragons and wizard decor–it’s all there for them, and much more for the choosing. There’s comfort in knowing that I’ve chosen the perfect gifts for the occasion and the person. I hope someone gives me gift cards for my birthday or Father’s Day — I have my eye on some wildlife decor for the den.

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Great Presents For New Parents

When people become parents for the first time they are never fully prepared for what is about to happen to them. A baby may be completely innocent but is incredibly demanding and makes their life as much a living hell as it is a true joy.

If you know someone who is a new parent you may be interested in giving them a nice gift. This might be a gift for their new child, as buying baby clothes can be a lot of fun, or it may be something to help make the parents life that bit easier during a tough time.

So what should you give them…

Baby Clothes

Even the most organised first time parents in the world won’t have just the right amount of clothes for their child. In fact it is not uncommon for parents to avoid buying any baby clothes at all until after they are born just out of superstition, and then after their baby is born they may find that they immediately don’t have time to go baby clothes shopping. This is where you can step in and have fun buying baby clothes as gifts.

While it may seem sensible to buy clothes for 0-6 months as indeed the baby is in this age bracket, babies grow incredibly fast and it can be a better idea to give them clothes of a range of sizes. You can actually find sets of baby clothes that have a few small outfits as well as some larger ones too. This is a great option as some babies may only be of a standard 0-6 month size for a month and so, making your 0-6 month present, as well intentioned as it may be, only useful for a short period of time.

As well as clothes you should consider giving the parents something a little more practical too. The will get lots of super cute baby grows and t-shirts but they will also need things like rags for cleaning up puke and other less cute or glamorous items. Giving them this may be less fun but will be possibly more appreciated.


To make the lucky new parents smile buying them a fun slogan t shirt or funny t shirt referring to their new parenthood may be a great idea. For one it will make them smile and they can wear their funny t shirts with pride, but it is also likely that they will have less time for looking after themselves, including washing their clothes, while they have a new baby, so a few sets of new clothes like t shirts is always a great help.

No matter the occasion a t shirt gift is always a good idea, and if you can make it personal with a unique slogan or design, all the better!

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Why Do Accelerated Graduate Nursing Programs Achieve Extreme Popularity At Present?

For those who wish to become nurses, accelerated graduate nursing programs are considered to be the best solutions for them. These programs are designed for those who want to graduate as a nurse in the quickest way possible. Nurses are considered to play a very vital role in the health care industry at present and because of the current shortage of these professionals, most colleges and universities decide to offer accelerated programs in order to solve the problem. Through the programs, future nurses are being trained within just a short span of time. Because of this, nurses are being increased, thereby solving the problem of its shortage.

The accelerated programs are actually offered to adults who have previous college degrees. The process of learning is usually fast-paced especially if one chooses to go for online courses. Normally, the programs provide people a chance to receive a first or second degree and this is considered to be the fastest way towards becoming a registered nurse. To further complete this process, one must be able to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Passing this exam allows aspiring nurses to become registered.

Usually, those who decide to look for accelerated graduate nursing programs are those that already have their first careers. Although they already have their own careers, these people somehow feel that they want to experience some change. This is the reason why they start looking for other courses that will allow them to encounter new experiences. But because most of these people already have families, they tend to look for solutions in order to finish another course without spending too much time. This causes the birth of accelerated programs especially for nurses.

In order for you to qualify in an accelerated program, you must be able to show some proof that you are capable of succeeding in a senior university or college setting. You have to be able to pass the admission exam which is considered to be quite difficult. During your first degree, you must also have a minimum grade average of 3. You are also required to hurdle the pre-screening exam with flying colors. There are also colleges that may require you to have units credited for biology or science before your application for the program will be accepted. These are just few of the requirements that most colleges and universities ask from the applicants of their individual accelerated programs.

When it comes to searching the best program for you, you have to know that there are actually two types of it. The first is known as the baccalaureate degree which can be completed within eighteen months. This is considered to be one of the fastest approaches towards becoming a registered nurse. The second is the graduate or master’s degree. Your nursing degree can be expected to be completed within three years.

Accelerated graduate nursing programs work effectively for both the health care industry and the aspiring nurses. It is because the shortage of nurses in the health care industry is being prevented with the availability of the program. Aspiring nurses are also given the opportunity to earn their degrees within just a short period of time. This is the main reason why the accelerated programs for nurses receive utmost popularity at present.

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Dubai: Explore Its Past and Present

Is Dubai the most decadent example of man’s excesses? Or is it an example of his great innovation? Is this United Arab Emirates nation a contemporary playground for the ultra-rich? Or is it an architectural and ecological wonder? Is it an artificial 21st Century world built on oil and the sea, or is it home to a vibrant culture that has evolved over thousands of years? What is Dubai? Exploring it is the best way to answer this question: Dubai defies categorization. Whether you find a land of excesses or of eccentricities, you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Dubai is perhaps best known to the outside world as home to one of the only “7 star hotels” on the globe, as well as the minds behind incredible man-made archipelagos in the shapes of date palms and a world map. Thousands of years before these technological marvels evolved, Dubai was first settled by nomadic cattle herders. By about the 7th Century, after Islam was introduced, the area was a prime fishing and pearl diving center. In 1799, the area was established as a dependency of Abu Dhabi. A few decades later, it became its own “Sheikhdom.” The invention of fake pearls damaged the economy, but Dubai, always an important trading hub, was able to resurrect it by becoming a re-exporting center.

The wealth for which Dubai is known developed as oil was discovered in the region in 1966. This changed everything; as the world’s thirst for oil grew, so too did Dubai’s wealth. Oil is no longer a stable foundation for any nation, and Dubai has diversified its economy so it is based on real estate, building, business, and tourism. This leads many experts to believe that in a post-oil world, Dubai will remain a leader in the Middle East. If nothing else, Dubai is visionary, and innovation is essential in the new world.

The worldwide recession hit Dubai exceptionally hard because of its dependence on tourism and foreign revenue. This presents a rather interesting and ironic opportunity for sophisticated travelers. They can enjoy the opulence and luxury of this UAE state for less than other leading vacation destinations. A contradiction that works out in the traveler’s favor, Dubai mixes high end shopping and 5+ star accommodations with authentic, and more affordable, souks, and budget-friendly hotels. American dollars and European currencies go much further in Dubai than they do in other first class cities around the world.

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Overcome Binge Eating – Stop Eating in the Past, Eat in the Present

What has become evident to me is that often people eat now, based on something that has happened to them in the past. This may be a casual or flippant comment from someone else that causes us to eat in a certain way. Often we will binge because we are responding in a negative way. This was certainly the case for me. Someone made a comment to me when I was 16 years old which I now believe was the catalyst to a path of negative eating which lasted for over 20 years. This person felt they were helping me by pointing out that I was already over weight and if I didn’t watch what I was eating I would get bigger and bigger.

However, instead of having a positive effect it had the opposite result. We don’t like people to point out our shortcomings or to tell us we are not good enough. Basically I just thought, “How dare you tell me what to do, I’ll do exactly what I like!” I then got a huge helping of pudding and ate as much as I could. This eventually led to a roller coaster of dieting and bingeing. I was coming from a place of anger and negativity and was trying to force myself to lose weight through dieting and deprivation. I felt I wasn’t good enough just as I was.

Another example is where someone has been assaulted or bullied and they over eat in an effort to put on weight, to protect themselves. Often we believe if we are fat, we won’t be attractive, so no one will bother us. We may then remain over-weight for years, even if the threat is no longer there. Once we get into a negative way of eating, we may not even remember what caused it, but we continue with it because it has become a habit.

Learning to eat naturally allows us to let go of the past and live in the present. It heightens our awareness around food and our bodies, enabling us to make the appropriate choices based on what we need now. It allows us to treat ourselves kindly and give our body what it needs when it needs it. This is because when we eat naturally we actually start listening to what our body wants. Natural Eating is based on four simple principles:

Eat when you are hungry
Eat what you want
Stop when you are satisfied
Move onto something else after eating
These are all positive and empowering ways of eating based on listening and respect, rather than mistrust and fear. It starts with being in the present and tuning back into your body instead of holding onto negative issues from the past. So if you feel you are on a negative path of bingeing and dieting, learn how to eat naturally so you can be in control again.

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Presenting Your Ideas Clearly

Tips for Organizing Your Thoughts and Communicating Your Concepts

How many times have you come up with a great idea only to receive a lukewarm response – or worse, no reaction at all?

We all want to communicate our ideas in a way that generates positive feedback, encourages others to join our cause, or helps us further our personal or professional agendas.

The way to do it successfully is through organization and planning. Planning causes us to put intention into our ideas, allowing us to purposefully follow a defined process. Organization creates structure. Structure helps our audiences-the people to whom we must communicate our ideas-to grasp our concepts, understand the flow of our thinking, and buy-in to the actions we present to them.

To get started, write down all of the details of your idea – big and small – on note cards. These are the details that make up your big idea. Then create structure by organizing the details by using one or more of these proven organizational methods:

• Deductive – First, put down your central idea. Next, put down the most compelling reasons for the idea, and follow with the points that will convince your audience of each major premise.

• Inductive – Cluster your details into groups that work together, and see how they form a structure that supports your overall idea.

• Problem-Solution – Organize your thoughts according to your response to the following questions:

  • Does your anticipated audience perceive that there is a problem, and do they perceive the problem in the same way and to the same degree that you perceive it?
  • Do you want to invite your audience to discover and evaluate their own solutions? Or, do you prescribe a recommendation as part of your presentation? Are there competing solutions needing evaluation?

• Whole-Part-Whole (Macro-micro-Macro) – Present the big picture. Then identify which details help summarize the separate parts. And finally, direct attention back to the big picture.

• Chronological Order – Use the details of the present to explain your idea and implementation, or use the future to highlight outcomes, benefits and long-term impacts of your idea. Follow a time line that puts each point you identify into perspective chronologically.

• Cause-Effect – First, organize your thoughts by cause and effect; then consider the value of the counterintuitive vantage point.

• Logistical – Start from a fixed point that makes sense to you and those to whom you will present. If there is a controlling or limiting factor that inhibits your idea, consider making this the starting point. Then follow an order that you can physically take your idea through from point to point.

• Before and After – Determine the “before” situation, then present the “after” condition based on your idea.

• Simple to Complex – Organize your details from easy to difficult, moving in a pattern that is better understood by your audience. This also helps you to see any missed steps.

For any of these organizational structures, when you have note cards (idea details) that do not fit within the structure you choose to present to one audience, set them aside rather than discard them. You may need them for a different organizational structure in order to present to a different audience. They may also be more appropriate to use for a different idea you are sure to have.

The next time you have a big idea with a lot of details, take the time to organize your thoughts in a way that will communicate well with your audience. If your profession or area of interest has adopted a different system of review or hypothesis testing than was presented here, it may be best to maintain that familiar pattern. Consider the benefits of using the organizational structure that best helps your idea shine!

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Where to Look For Ideas About Presents For Dad This Father’s Day

Who do most kids (young or old) ask for advice or suggestions when they are looking for presents for Dad?

The number one answer would probably be their Mom. Moms often have a talent for paying attention and making a mental list when they are browsing the mall or Walmart with Dad, or anyone else for that matter. In all likelihood they have been pulling Dad away from the sporting goods aisle or wallet display for weeks, while admonishing Dad with the words: “Father’s Day is just around the corner.”

Then again, maybe you should go directly to the source for ideas. You can always ask Dad himself. Odds are, if you do it early enough, like a week or more before the big day, he is likely to forget you had the conversation anyway and be totally blown away by the fact that you bought him just what he wanted. Well, maybe not, but there is always a chance.

Try to be a bit creative in how you ask. Don’t just blurt out “What do you want for Father’s Day Dad?” Say something a bit less obvious, like “You know Dad, I was daydreaming the other day that I had $20 (or 30 or 100?) in my pocket that I had to spend on something for myself so I went to (insert your favorite store name) because it is really my favorite store and bought myself a (make up something). Do you think that was foolish? What would you do Dad if you found $(XX) in your pocket and you could spend it only on yourself? Where would you go Dad and what would you get?

Okay, so it isn’t really that clever but Dad will probably play it cool and get into the spirit of the game and give you some good ideas anyway. In the very least, you may get him to identify his favorite store, in which case you can get him a gift certificate or gift card from there and he will be able to go live out the fantasy in real life after Father’s Day.

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Presents For Guys – What to Give Your Man on Your Anniversary

Could you honestly admit that it’s difficult to find an anniversary gift for your man? Are you also one of the women who get so weak in the knees trying to figure out as to what to give to your man? Do you somehow secretly wish that they would just want boxers as a gift? Shopping presents for guys can be tough. There would be millions of questions that would run through your mind as you buy a gift. You would wonder if he likes the gift. You also have to think if what you gave fits him. Men, they’re just too hard to shop for.

Here are some ideas on what to give for your man on your anniversary. Choosing presents for guys can now be easier because of this guide.

Gift suggestion # 1 Home Theater Recliner

Do you want to splurge on something he would like? A deluxe home theater recliner would be a good gift for him. It’s one comfortable, huge home theater chair. It has built-in wireless system and a 2.1 stereo sound. This will help your man get the best home theater experience ever. It’s really sleek and is covered with black and silver leather. That’s one gift that your guy will surely be thankful for.

Gift Suggestion # 2 Watch Case

Most men love to collect watches. If your guy is one of them, you can give him a watch box made of leather. Choose a box that can hold up to 10 or 15 watches. The watch box from Personal Creations is a great choice. It has an added plush velvet lining. The wood is made of mahogany too. What is more is that, Personal Creations would be happy to engrave the lid with 3-letter monogram.

Gift Suggestion # 3 Golf Lessons with a PGA Pro

Does your man love playing golf? Instead of giving him the entire afternoon to play golf, you can do something else, something extra special. You can pay for golf lessons with a PGA Pro. Your man gets to have the chance to have some private lessons from a PGA professional. Your man will be able to learn new techniques and strategies for him to improve. This gift may not be something worth for keeps but the memories will surely last for a lifetime.

Gift Suggestion # 4 Men’s Dress Watches

Usually, men don’t like wearing jewelries. You could buy him a good watch instead. Try giving him a TechnoMarine or a Tissot watch. You could also ask him as to what brand of watch he likes to make your life easier. If your man can’t tell you one brand that he likes, choose a watch that has a classic look. Most men would rather have a classic watch rather than having a digital watch.

Gift Suggestion # 5 A romantic get-away

If your guy isn’t into something material, you can surprise him with a weekend getaway. You can head up to the mountains, do some little trekking then enjoy a romantic picnic. You can bring a backpack set that can carry your wine glass, food, wine and other stuff.

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Sales Presentations the Way the Pros Do Them

The professional salesperson knows that the objective of the presentation is to involve the prospect and to get THEM to talk, because if THEY say it, it must be true. Here are 10 simple steps to help prospects see the truth for themselves.

1. Start with direct questions to get specific facts

(“What are you doing now?” / “How long have you worked with them?” / “What sort of service program do they have?”)

Of course, like any good attorney, you’ve done your homework and already know most of these answers. But remember, what you’re doing here is getting the prospect engaged.

2. Casually ask them how they feel about what they’re doing now

(“So, how’s that all going for you?”)

Naturally, they’re going to tell you that everything is fine. If they didn’t think everything was fine, they would already be seeking alternatives.

3. Have them tell you what they are most happy about in how they’re currently doing things

(“What do you like most about what you’re doing now?”)

You might think you’re undermining yourself by having them talk about why they’re happy now. No so! You’re identifying points you’ll need to address with feature/benefit statements later on. And also, you’re not threatening the prospect, and are encouraging them to open up.

4. Uncover an unmet need or dissatisfaction

Let’s face it: You’re not going to make the sale unless you can uncover some need that’s not being addressed or something they’re not satisfied with.

Start with a casual inquiry (“What would you like to do differently if you could?”)

If nothing is cited, ask for something specific (“If there was one thing you could change about what you’re doing now, what would it be?”)

If they still don’t come up with something, address a point about the competition you know to be a problem. But do so in the form of a question so that you don’t appear to be bad-mouthing the competition (“A number of our clients who used to work with that competitor have told us they had numerous problems with invoices and delivery. Has that been your experience?”)

5. Get them to elaborate on the consequences of that unmet need or dissatisfaction

(“How did that affect your receivables and cash flow?”)

Now they’re doing the talking and beginning to realize that they may not be all that happy after all.

6. Keep them talking with a turn-denying regulator

(“Did it really?” / “Ohhhh, no!”)

Son of a gun! Maybe they’re not all that happy after all!

7. Paraphrase what the prospect has said to confirm agreement

(“So you’re telling me you need the thing you like most, but also that unmet need, right?”)

The prospect has just given you permission to talk about what you have to offer

8. NOW and only now do you start to talk, with feature/benefit statements

(“Our product has Feature A, which gives you the thing you like most, and it also has Feature B, which addresses that unmet need. You won’t have those consequences again, will you?”)

You’re not just throwing spaghetti up against the wall hoping something will stick. Your feature/benefits are specifically targeted to what the prospect has said was important to them.

9. Throughout the presentation, respond to a request for information with a closing question

So, when the prospect asks “Do you deliver on weekends?”, don’t say “Yes, we deliver Saturday and Sunday.”, but say “Would Saturday or Sunday be best for you?”

10. Finally, ask for the order, not with a Yes or No question but by confirming a point of agreement

(“Will 500 be enough, or should we go with 600?” / “What credit card will you be using today?”)

Remember these 10 Steps to get the prospect to talk, and make your presentation a winner!

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Effective Presentations – The Voice

The voice is probably the most important tool of the presenter. It carries most of the content that the audience takes away. One of the oddities of speech is that we can easily tell others what is wrong with their voice, e.g. too fast, too high, too soft, etc., but we have trouble identifying and adjusting our own voices.

There are three main qualities when we talk about vocal abilities:

Volume: How loud the sound is. The goal is to be heard without shouting. Good speakers lower their voice to create anticipation and draw the audience in. They will raise it to emphasize a point.

Tone: The characteristics of a sound. A tuck has a different sound than leaves being rustled by the wind. A voice that carries fear or intimidation can frighten the audience, while a voice that carries laughter or light-heartedness can get the audience to smile.

Pitch: How high or low a note is. From personal experience, a high pitched voice tends to command less attention from the audience.

Pace: This is how long a sound lasts. Talking too fast causes the words and syllables to be short, while talking slowly lengthens them. You should aim for a balanced pace. You can also vary your pace to maintain the audience’s interest.

There are two good methods for improving your voice:

1. Listen to it! Practice listening to your voice while at home, driving, walking, etc. Then when you are at work or with company, monitor your voice to see if you are using it how you want to.

2. One good way to listen to your voice is to follow these following steps. Cup your right hand around your right ear and gently pull the ear forward. Next, cup your left hand around your mouth and direct the sound straight into your ear. This helps you to hear your voice as others hear it. It might be completely different from the voice you thought it was!

Now practice moderating your voice.

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