Great Presents For New Parents

When people become parents for the first time they are never fully prepared for what is about to happen to them. A baby may be completely innocent but is incredibly demanding and makes their life as much a living hell as it is a true joy.

If you know someone who is a new parent you may be interested in giving them a nice gift. This might be a gift for their new child, as buying baby clothes can be a lot of fun, or it may be something to help make the parents life that bit easier during a tough time.

So what should you give them…

Baby Clothes

Even the most organised first time parents in the world won’t have just the right amount of clothes for their child. In fact it is not uncommon for parents to avoid buying any baby clothes at all until after they are born just out of superstition, and then after their baby is born they may find that they immediately don’t have time to go baby clothes shopping. This is where you can step in and have fun buying baby clothes as gifts.

While it may seem sensible to buy clothes for 0-6 months as indeed the baby is in this age bracket, babies grow incredibly fast and it can be a better idea to give them clothes of a range of sizes. You can actually find sets of baby clothes that have a few small outfits as well as some larger ones too. This is a great option as some babies may only be of a standard 0-6 month size for a month and so, making your 0-6 month present, as well intentioned as it may be, only useful for a short period of time.

As well as clothes you should consider giving the parents something a little more practical too. The will get lots of super cute baby grows and t-shirts but they will also need things like rags for cleaning up puke and other less cute or glamorous items. Giving them this may be less fun but will be possibly more appreciated.


To make the lucky new parents smile buying them a fun slogan t shirt or funny t shirt referring to their new parenthood may be a great idea. For one it will make them smile and they can wear their funny t shirts with pride, but it is also likely that they will have less time for looking after themselves, including washing their clothes, while they have a new baby, so a few sets of new clothes like t shirts is always a great help.

No matter the occasion a t shirt gift is always a good idea, and if you can make it personal with a unique slogan or design, all the better!

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