Where to Look For Ideas About Presents For Dad This Father’s Day

Who do most kids (young or old) ask for advice or suggestions when they are looking for presents for Dad?

The number one answer would probably be their Mom. Moms often have a talent for paying attention and making a mental list when they are browsing the mall or Walmart with Dad, or anyone else for that matter. In all likelihood they have been pulling Dad away from the sporting goods aisle or wallet display for weeks, while admonishing Dad with the words: “Father’s Day is just around the corner.”

Then again, maybe you should go directly to the source for ideas. You can always ask Dad himself. Odds are, if you do it early enough, like a week or more before the big day, he is likely to forget you had the conversation anyway and be totally blown away by the fact that you bought him just what he wanted. Well, maybe not, but there is always a chance.

Try to be a bit creative in how you ask. Don’t just blurt out “What do you want for Father’s Day Dad?” Say something a bit less obvious, like “You know Dad, I was daydreaming the other day that I had $20 (or 30 or 100?) in my pocket that I had to spend on something for myself so I went to (insert your favorite store name) because it is really my favorite store and bought myself a (make up something). Do you think that was foolish? What would you do Dad if you found $(XX) in your pocket and you could spend it only on yourself? Where would you go Dad and what would you get?

Okay, so it isn’t really that clever but Dad will probably play it cool and get into the spirit of the game and give you some good ideas anyway. In the very least, you may get him to identify his favorite store, in which case you can get him a gift certificate or gift card from there and he will be able to go live out the fantasy in real life after Father’s Day.

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