Why Do Accelerated Graduate Nursing Programs Achieve Extreme Popularity At Present?

For those who wish to become nurses, accelerated graduate nursing programs are considered to be the best solutions for them. These programs are designed for those who want to graduate as a nurse in the quickest way possible. Nurses are considered to play a very vital role in the health care industry at present and because of the current shortage of these professionals, most colleges and universities decide to offer accelerated programs in order to solve the problem. Through the programs, future nurses are being trained within just a short span of time. Because of this, nurses are being increased, thereby solving the problem of its shortage.

The accelerated programs are actually offered to adults who have previous college degrees. The process of learning is usually fast-paced especially if one chooses to go for online courses. Normally, the programs provide people a chance to receive a first or second degree and this is considered to be the fastest way towards becoming a registered nurse. To further complete this process, one must be able to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Passing this exam allows aspiring nurses to become registered.

Usually, those who decide to look for accelerated graduate nursing programs are those that already have their first careers. Although they already have their own careers, these people somehow feel that they want to experience some change. This is the reason why they start looking for other courses that will allow them to encounter new experiences. But because most of these people already have families, they tend to look for solutions in order to finish another course without spending too much time. This causes the birth of accelerated programs especially for nurses.

In order for you to qualify in an accelerated program, you must be able to show some proof that you are capable of succeeding in a senior university or college setting. You have to be able to pass the admission exam which is considered to be quite difficult. During your first degree, you must also have a minimum grade average of 3. You are also required to hurdle the pre-screening exam with flying colors. There are also colleges that may require you to have units credited for biology or science before your application for the program will be accepted. These are just few of the requirements that most colleges and universities ask from the applicants of their individual accelerated programs.

When it comes to searching the best program for you, you have to know that there are actually two types of it. The first is known as the baccalaureate degree which can be completed within eighteen months. This is considered to be one of the fastest approaches towards becoming a registered nurse. The second is the graduate or master’s degree. Your nursing degree can be expected to be completed within three years.

Accelerated graduate nursing programs work effectively for both the health care industry and the aspiring nurses. It is because the shortage of nurses in the health care industry is being prevented with the availability of the program. Aspiring nurses are also given the opportunity to earn their degrees within just a short period of time. This is the main reason why the accelerated programs for nurses receive utmost popularity at present.

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